Rotella Talks ObamaCare Knockout Ruling on Hannity

Speaker 1: Bryan Rotella, I want to talk to you about what the sense, the Congressman brought it up, how you think this vote is going to go in the Supreme Court and what you think of the Texas judge’s decision overturning Obamacare?

Bryan Rotella: Yeah, Judge [inaudible] what I would say is there’s another Rocky movie about this. This is a flat out knockout. I think Sylvester Stallone, at his age, could come out the way Judge O’Connor, the judge in Texas, wrote this 54 page opinion, and could get a 90. That’s what I’m predicting next June, which is when I think this is going to go to the Supreme Court verdict decision, upholding what happened in the Texas district court.

And the reason is this, and the congressmen alluded to it. Judge O’Connor and the Texas court judge, he laid out line and verse why this baby gets thrown out with the bath water, and that is the individual mandate for the audience. That’s what was at issue here, as what they were saying, the folks that were challenging this is when you take the tax bill that the president passed with Congress in 2017. That tax bill set the individual mandate to zero by setting that individual mandate to zero, there is no tax. Justice Roberts said that it was constitutional because it went to the ability to tax.

Speaker 1: Right, right.

Bryan Rotella: If we have no tax, it’s not constitutional. The whole bill goes away. What we have to think about is what happens when the Supreme Court upholds this. Where does our healthcare economy go from there?