Pre-Suit Liability

What’s Different about GenCo’s approach to pre-suit liability?

GenCo knows that often the best way to end a fight is to avoid it in the first place.  When a dust up is unavoidable having a legal team on your wing early can mean all the difference in getting a quick resolution rather than enduring a long term distraction.

How can GenCo make a Difference with potential lawsuits?

  • On-CallReady in real time to push back when that “competitor” decides your hard-earned work product belongs to them
  • ProjectsPreparing a cease and desist letter that keeps a former team member living up to what they promised
  • Strategic – Showing you how important early notification to your insurance can be when a serious incident happens and damages are rapidly accruing
  • PreventiveMaking sure you have the ammunition needed if paradise goes south quickly in a business relationship