Human Resources

What’s Different about GenCo’s approach to HR?

GenCo knows that your team members are your greatest resource.  Having our professional people issue spotters looped in will save you time and money while minimizing distractions that keep you from focusing on your business and customers. 

How can GenCo make a Difference to your Human Resources Department?

  • On-CallReady in real time to advise on next steps when that sales person who has been with you forever suddenly becomes untrustworthy
  • ProjectsPreparing separation agreements that are fair but also fully protect you and your fellow owners whenunfortunately, a downturn in your business means layoffs
  • StrategicShowing how the risk to your business’s reputation goes up when your team gets careless responding to bad customer or team member reviews
  • PreventiveMaking sure your sexual harassment policy is built for the smartphone focused “virtual” workspace of the 2020’s not 1970’s rowdy office parties