Corporate Governance

What’s Different about GenCo’s approach to Corporate Governance?

GenCo views a company’s “books” not just as a corporate box to check but an opportunity to make sure the thoughtful business judgment of your owners, directors and officers is being regularly memorialized – not just sitting stagnant on a shelf.

How can GenCo make a Difference for your Corporate Governance?

  • On-CallReady in real-time to give actionable advice on the risks of providing confidential information needed to land that new deal
  • ProjectsPreparing the minutes for your most sensitive meetings so they are protected under attorney client privilege
  • StrategicShowing you how to stay out of trouble when your financial partner makes that offer you can’t refuse
  • PreventiveMaking sure an accurate chart of your business’s structure exists before the ask comes from a future lender, purchaser or adversary