Legal Moneyball™ Wins For GenCo’s Clients

Scott Bartos
Former CEO, Rural/Metro, Board Member of multiple public and private companies
GenCo has truly revolutionized the way companies manage their legal support. I've had the pleasure of watching Bryan and his firm evolve over the years. He actively engaged with business leaders to develop a unique, best in class model that identifies and addresses the core legal issues for any business. I've enjoyed long term engagements with Bryan's firm on multiple occasions where he and his team have provided the day to day legal support for companies I've run. Simply put, GenCo was my General Counsel department and they effectively dealt with a heavy regulatory environment, HR matters, general legal questions, acquisitions/divestitures and they supported over 10,000 employees located throughout the country. GenCo delivers exceptional legal expertise at a predictable fixed monthly cost.
Marilyn Wood
CEO, Opis Senior Services Group
I could not be more pleased to recommend GenCo to anyone who is looking for an ethical, transparent, knowledgeable and personable firm. As a small business owner operating a senior services management organization, GenCo adds significant value to our operations team, especially by minimizing liability risks in a highly litigious industry. They introduced a nationally-known outside litigation partner, who handle our liability cases at a flat fee and at a rate that we'd never be able to get on our own. Bryan treats my money like his own, in a way that no other law firm has done for me in the past.
Joe Whitters
Former CEO, First Health and Board Member of multiple public and private companies
I sit on many boards and the unique business minded approach of Bryan and his GenCo team is a legal solution that I wish more law firms would offer. I recently had the opportunity to observe and work with Bryan and his GenCo team in a very dynamic situation with a large national company, and was impressed with the flexibility of the business model he has created. As a Board member, I appreciated their ability to filter what risks could affect the Board and the company's sponsors, and their acuity for consistent good corporate governance while navigating a series of complex and high exposure issues.
Lisa Melamed
Vice President of Compliance and General Counsel, Vision Group Holdings
GenCo’s unique model offers the network and expertise of outside counsel with the team-player attitude of an in-house counsel. In my role as General Counsel of a large company, GenCo has provided me specialized, focused support and additional bandwidth in the areas I need. GenCo's innovative Legal Moneyball™ approach to corporate law is truly game-changing for legal department leaders like myself that have previously worked with silk stocking law firms.
David Rubenstein
CEO & Founder, Trio Healthcare
GenCo has introduced a unique model that has allowed us to reinvent how our legal spend is utilized, and we’re getting more value and better outcomes. GenCo has been instrumental in not only controlling costs, but also providing valuable expertise in a number of key risk areas of our business including: compliance, reimbursement, and employment liability. Additionally, Bryan and his GenCo team's Legal Moneyball™ approach has been a great value-added benefit, with GenCo negotiating savings that have enabled us to utilize some incredible talent that we’d never be able to afford without their assistance.
Puneet Maheshwari
CEO & Founder, DocASAP
The GenCo Legal team has been an invaluable addition and an extension of the tight-knit group we have at DocASAP. As a tech company rapidly growing out of the startup phase of our business life-cycle, it has been crucial to have corporate counsels that can adapt to our changing needs. Sarah Casey and the GenCo team have been great partners, including by driving revenues for the business through their practical and responsive approach to negotiating contracts. They've helped us negotiate with large health systems and payors, when historically working with those groups, contracts would get bogged down in unnecessary over-lawyering.
Bob Bunker
CEO, Neulife Rehabilitation, Board Member of multiple private equity backed companies
Bryan and his team of GenCo lawyers have extensive experience and expertise in the healthcare industry where they have amassed a vast and valuable network. The GenCo team are exceptionally intelligent and their counsel is unparalleled. GenCo lawyers differentiate themselves through extraordinary collaboration with our team to develop business synergies and solutions in the complex healthcare industry. Most recently, GenCo played a critical role in assisting me and the Board in closing a multimillion dollar deal, that most likely would not have succeeded without them.
Zach Wray
CEO, Sunrise Community
Sarah Casey and the GenCo team have been instrumental in minimizing key risks for our company in HR and compliance, at a cost that's predictable and affordable. They keep me out of the legal weeds so I can focus on the business by interfacing directly with my management team and proactively protecting us from downstream risk. GenCo is considered an extension of our team, available for questions without having to watch the clock, and a great fit with our culture.
Steve Gelinske
Chief Architect-Provider Solutions and Strategy, Top 5 National Health Insurance Payer
GenCo's model is unique in a way that no other law firm I have worked with before is. Rather than focusing purely on legal advice, GenCo uses it Legal Moneyball™ approach to help its clients penetrate to the highest levels of business, media, and government contacts within their network. Everyone praises networking but few truly understand it. Bryan has mastered it, and he and his team at GenCo have distilled it into a formula that any business can use and grow with.
Sean Carney
Senior Private Equity Executive
Bryan and I have known each other for years in leadership roles at companies where I've been involved on the private equity side. His common sense approach and the benefits of his vast network have set him apart for helping portfolio companies. I'm excited to see where he and GenCo are headed, especially as the model becomes more well-established working directly with in the private equity and financial sponsor space.
Sam Diasti
MD & Founder, Pinnacle Health Group
As a healthcare provider and founder of a large regional practice, I have the challenge of navigating a highly regulated space. The team at GenCo has the expertise and network in the healthcare industry to solve any problem for me no matter how big or small the issue, they are extremely responsive and personable and deliver on their promises.
Eric Keen
General Partner, Council Capital
I have utilized GenCo across two of my portfolio companies. GenCo is ready to step into any board or executive level decision and provide thoughtful advice that is legally sound and strategically reflects a deep understanding of the way businesses work.
Tara Zimmerman
Associate General Counsel, Opis Senior Services Group
As an in-house counsel, Bryan and his team provide our legal department with seasoned expertise and access to a vast network of value-added business partners. I would highly recommend them as a compliment to any in-house department, from providing liability claims oversight, to obtaining substantial savings in outside litigation partners, to helping navigate the complex world of insurance. GenCo gives me a sounding board for issues and helps to set me up for success internally.
Guy Friedman
CEO & Founder, SteadyMD
Bryan and the team at Genco run a fantastic operation. As CEO of a progressive tech start up I'm impressed by GenCo's innovative use of project managment tools, and streamlined processes. I'd recommend the team to anyone scaling up and that needs a trusted voice that will grow with you. All entrepreneurs loathe the billable hour, hate staring at the clock when your lawyer calls, and wish we had an corporate counsel to help us solve critical business issues as quickly as possible - GenCo is a great option for that!
Alex Iannacio
Chairman & Founder, Woodlawn Capital Partners
GenCo has been both a strategic business partner and trusted legal advisor. They are extremely responsive, and innovative, and their non-hourly rate has been a perfect match through each stage of growth of my companies. Their Legal Moneyball™ approach has been especially helpful during the scaling process, and has resulted in better ROI than engagements I've had with high-dollar, silk stocking law firms.
Nicole Bradberry
CEO, Florida Association of ACOs
I've had Bryan come speak at my ACO conference on multiple occasions, as he is a dynamic and engaging speaker with an impressive breadth of knowledge in the payor space. He's also a nationally recognized thought leader in the media, and can bring visibility to his clients and his network in a way that I've not experienced with other lawyers. I can't wait to see where he and his team at GenCo take their innovative model, as the needs of my industry increase exponentially.
Ken Kaufman
CFO, Community Dental Partners
The GenCo team have been a great strategic partner for our portfolio of practices in our Dental Support Organization. Through their unique Legal Moneyball™ approach GenCo provides us a solution that ensures we are getting the highest and best use out of legal spend across our entire portfolio. We operate in highly regulated industries where laws are constantly changing, and GenCo keeps us focused on mitigating key risks and has been instrumental in helping us overcome the legal barriers to growing our business.
Kili Chivers
Chief Growth Officer, i2i Population Health
In my role as Chief Growth Officer, driving revenues is what matters most. GenCo's dynamic team of Sarah Casey and Sam Seaman has helped me do just that. For a midsized company going toe to toe with industry leading providers and payers in complex contract negotiations, GenCo's experienced team and diverse leveraged network has made all the difference in the world. Because of GenCo we've been able to negotiate better terms and ultimately close more deals.
Richard Guttman
Compliance & General Counsel, PointClickCare, SVP Risk
In my role as General Counsel and SVP Risk for a dynamic, high-growth health tech company, I wear many hats including playing a key role in business development activities. Bryan and GenCo's diverse leveraged network has been invaluable to me as I seek to build strategic partnerships, develop and launch new products, and build a more robust ecosystem for my company. I work with outside advisors and legal counsel every day, but Bryan and the GenCo team are the first legal services provider I've ever hired that can help me develop ideas and generate new business. I feel strongly that GencCo's Legal Moneyball™ non-hourly rate approach is going to change the game, and provide a new service that companies and their in-house legal teams have been waiting for.
Rick Johns
COO & CLO, Alliance HealthCare Services
I knew Bryan when we worked together in a traditional legal in-house structure, and have been extremely impressed with where he's taken his innovative Legal Moneyball™ approach. I did then and believe even more today that GenCo Legal's model is the future of corporate law.
Jennifer Holsman Tetreault
Region Legal Counsel, US. Foods
I had the benefit of working with Bryan as he played a senior advisory role to the C-Suite and Board at a large company where we worked at together. His strategic and business minded approach to the practice of law was invaluable in my growth as a corporate counsel. Now working regularly with outside counsel in my current role, I am excited to see where Bryan and his team at GenCo take their innovative Legal Moneyball™ Approach, as I am confident it will be the business minded, cost conscious legal support option that in-house teams have been so desperately needing.
Michelle Katz
MSN Published Author and PR Expert, LPN
Unlike most law firms, GenCo not only advocates for issues that affect their clients, but they also protect their media presence, which can make or break a company’s brand. This overall care and interest in the companies they represent, puts them above most law firms who don’t understand the value of a National as well as social media presence.
It’s time to rethink corporate legal support.

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