Bryan Rotella

Founder & Managing Partner

Bryan grew up with the popular culture romanticized image of lawyers, from Perry Mason to Robert Duvall’s consigliere in the “Godfather.” His grandfather’s brother was the “town lawyer” in his small western New York hometown of Lockport. This idealized image of lawyering led Bryan to law school at Pepperdine and his first paid legal job with the California firm made famous by the movie, “Erin Brokovich.”

After several years as a Los Angeles and South Florida trial lawyer, Bryan’s “game changing” career experience was when he served on the leadership team of a $1.1 billion-dollar nursing home business. Bryan saw that the amount of dollars wasted on high-priced outside counsel who provided no return on investment was staggering. Even spending all of those dollars, Bryan and his team rarely got a straight answer on the company’s most important legal issues. Seeing how out of alignment the relationship with outside counsel was at this massive company, Bryan realized the challenges small and midsize businesses faced must be even more astronomical.

On a mission to find a better way, Bryan founded GenCo’s Legal Moneyball™ practice model. Unlike the traditional high hourly rate corporate counsel that handles one-off projects as issues arise, Legal Moneyball™ uses a statistics-based approach to identify a business’s key risk areas, where the vast majority of their available legal budget should be spent to obtain the highest ROI. It also places the corporate legal partner in a position to uncover opportunities that drive new profits to the business, getting out of the loss side of the financial ledger where standard professional service providers typically reside. Best of all, Legal Moneyball™ is played under a flat, non-hourly rate, fulfilling small and midsize business’ need for legal spend predictability. Over the last several years, Bryan and his GenCo team have successfully pressure-tested Legal Moneyball™ with a variety of businesses nationally. This includes several publicly-traded and regional to national private equity financed companies, covering everything from healthcare to real estate.

Bryan’s primary role as CEO of the GenCo team is Board and C-suite related issues, where he provides valuable, real-time input regarding the regulatory landscape and strategic guidance for growth and sustainability in the ever-changing industries where his clients are involved. Bryan’s depth of experience and industry expertise has led to his regular appearances on nationally recognized media outlets. He is seen as a national thought leader on health care reform, including serving as an advisor to a Presidential campaign. This media and political exposure has expanded Bryan’s network to include top media personalities, politicians, national publication editors and public relations experts. These contacts and resources are invaluable to GenCo’s clients by giving them a national platform to address issues that affect their business.

Bottom line, Bryan’s goal is for GenCo and Legal Moneyball™ to give a much-needed facelift to corporate counsel by providing small and midsize business owners the winning relationship they deserve with their lawyers.

Pepperdine University School of Law, J.D.
Ohio State University, B.A.

Bar Admissions: