It’s time to rethink corporate
legal support.
Revolutionizing corporate law with the quality of traditional big name firms and the business-minded approach of in-house counsel, all for a Non-Hourly Rate.

Existing legal models are out of touch with the needs of
small and midsize businesses.

Costs are Skyrocketing

Law firm billable hour rates for corporate clients are increasing at twice the rate of inflation.

Budgets are Stretched

Finance and legal departments are being pressured to reduce legal costs by 30-50%.

Laws & Regs are Multiplying

Out of pocket spend on key legal pain points in Regulatory, M&A, and Litigation is increasing by 40-50%.

We’ve mastered Legal Moneyball™

A data and team-driven approach perfected over the last several years and across 100+ businesses, where our mix of seasoned counsels and star young business athletes score your business the wins that matter the most to your bottom line, by minimizing your company’s key risks and identifying opportunities to drive new profits.

Legal Moneyball™ Wins For GenCo’s Clients

GenCo’s lawyers are national thought leaders, as featured on:

It’s time to rethink corporate legal support.

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